Members' charter

Air Cargo France Association (ACFA) is a non-profit trade association that complies with competition law. All the discussions held in ACFA’s Management Committees, meetings of the Board of Directors and Working Groups are in compliance with the legislation in force.

At ACFA meetings, its staff, directors, committee members and all the members and leaders of working groups shall not address any topics that may violate competition law.

Any discussions concerning the exchange of commercial information are strictly forbidden, since they are prohibited by competition law.

In the event the subject of the discussions may refer to information linked to the elements mentioned above, the members of the Management Committee, the Board of Directors, and the leaders of the working groups shall interrupt the meeting.

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Why join the Air Cargo France Association

To act on French airports competitiveness and added value, in order to defend our attractiveness and get flows.
To decide the association’s objectives and strategies that we should set up to promote the air cargo in France.
To participate in the community projects, talks and events we organize throughout the year.