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Air Cargo France Association supports the CEIV Fresh certification.

Today, perishable products are the type of goods that benefits from the highest growth dynamics and represents the largest proportion of products carried by air cargo. Indeed, consumer demand for healthy and quality products throughout the year is leading to an increase in the transport of perishable goods by air.

During the « Forum Fresh » organized by Air Cargo France Association in January 2019, local and international players involved in the transport of fresh products, showed their interest in the implementation on CDG of good practices to improve the supply chain, with the objective of saving time and reducing losses of goods. Here, economical and environmental are at stakes.

Groupe ADP, member of the ACFA, wishes to respond to this expectation by promoting the implementation of « CEIV Fresh » certification for major operators of thermosensitive products. This certification, developed by IATA, aims to guarantee compliance with the highest quality standards. Paris-CDG would thus become the first European airport where the cargo community would be involved in a coordinated and extended way in this approach of excellence.

In collaboration with IATA, Groupe ADP will initiate training sessions at the beginning of 2020 for CDG’s cargo players for which this certification is relevant.
In parallel with this approach and in accordance with its ambitions, ACFA is working with its members to improve processes in the treatment of thermosensitive products through the organisation of specific working groups.

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