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On Thursday, March 5, 2020, ACFA’s Board of Directors unanimously approved its 2020 roadmap.

In a desire to continue the efforts made in 2019 and to expand its activities, Air Cargo France Association has defined 5 priority areas.

  1. Community projects

With its partners, ACFA wishes to continue its efforts of 2019 in the fields of Fresh/Pharma products, digital technology and the promotion of freight professions.

  • Alongside IATA, the ADP Group is leading the launch of « Fresh CEIV » certification, which will make Paris-CDG as the first European airport to obtain this certification. In addition, ACFA will soon publish the conclusions of its opportunity study for the creation of a centralised infrastructure for thermosensitive products on CDG.
  • ACFA aims to promote the development of digitalisation among all operators and will set up an action plan to implement this objective.
  • Finally, the promotion of freight professions will be in line with the actions carried out in 2019, in particular: promotional actions in universities, among political authorities and implementation of concrete actions with the public players concerned. Also, a project for a specific digital platform for the freight industry is also under study.

2. Communication

Air Cargo France Association will continue its communication efforts in order to promote its actions to French and overseas players in the cargo business. A first « Social Event » will be organized by our Association for all the players in the cargo sector, as soon as the health context will allow it.

3. Influencing action

ACFA will soon be joining « France Logistique », a national association of state initiative, gathering all the players in the logistics sector.

Our participation in this organisation is essential to carry the voice of all air freight actors within a global association of logistics actors, alongside road and sea transport players.

In addition, we will develop discussions and exchanges with the associations representing the air cargo communities of the main European Airports in order to be able to consider common influencing actions at a European level.

4. Enlargement

In order to strengthen the financial resources of our association, on which its influence partly depends, a special effort will be devoted to the enlargement of our membership.

5. Sustainable development

Finally, ACFA wishes to get involved in the discussions on sustainable development and the protection of endangered species. Also, several projects are being studied, such as an action to mobilize stakeholders to improve the cleanliness of the airside cargo area on CDG.